Sunday, August 23, 2015

Napoleonic Russian Infantry

This is the first time I ventured into Napoleonic miniatures and I bought a box of Russian Napoleonic Infantry from Perry Miniatures. 

At first I thought the miniatures was not very nice.... coz I only saw those badly painted. After unboxed I found out the was a very nice miniatures.  

To begin with assembling the miniatures, I started with researching the history. I have no knowledge of Napoleon history at all and the information I found was very confusing. I can't differentiate the shakos, pompon, unit shoulder strap, clothing colors and more...... The more I read, the more confused I get. After 2 weeks of dizziness with it, I contacted a friend and he was very knowledgeable on this subject. And with his guidance I went for the paint job.

Here's pictures of finished work, 1812 kiwers 1st Company of 1st Battalion (Musketeers with attached Carabiners). I kinda loves it very very much coz I loves the sight of horde army like my Orc & Goblin. Getting away from painting Warhammer miniatures was quite a adventurous journey.  

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