Sunday, May 31, 2009

Free-hand Tutorial: Imperial/Crimson Fist Icon

Here's a step-by-step on painting free-hand Imperial/Crimson Fist logo on shoulder pad or anywhere. I've done a simple one here to give you an idea. So practice on a paper 1st before going into your miniatures. If you find that your finished work doesn't look good, you can reshape it using background color.

Advise: Free-Hand Painting

Many painters are wondering how to do free-hand painting... The 1st question is to ask yourself:

1) What type of painter are you?? (Clean & tidy, dirty, free-hand...)

Some people are very good at weathering; some realistic; some here some there.... Everybody have their own style. Discovering what type of painter you are is very very important! Once you discover your gift, then keep practice on it to sharpen your skill.

*Don't try to be other painter, be your own painter - yourself!!! Or else who will be like you??*

For me, I'm a clean & tidy. I am specialize in free-hand. You can check out my gallery at Coolminiornot. I don't know how to do weathering on clothes/armor. No matter how I do it, it just doesn't look good.

To do free-hand, you must have a very good & sharp point brush. I would recommend you Rosemary Pure Kolinsky Sable Series 22 coz it has longer hair and always very sharp. Check out:

Well, I can't find much painters teaching free-hand. So I will post here... Stay tune as more free-hand tutorial. If you have any question, just email me.

Good luck!!

Crimson Fist... Might of Pedro!!! (Part 1)

I've being doing commission work of Crimson Fist for quite awhile now. I've done Petro Kantor & Sternguard Veteran Sq in March but without any pictures coz camera sent for repair.

Anyway just post this as part 1. My client just want a "above table-top quality" standard, so I helped him put up the Crimson Fist decal and painted it. For the rhino, I wanted it to look really Crimson Fist and draw people attention. So I came up a design, I painted a freehand big chapter logo on upper hull... Check out the pictures:

As for the vincator, nothing much I can do with it. So I just went for a standard style.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Welcome to my workshop...

Well, I'm very new to blogging and don't have any idea how to do it. My friends encourage me to do it so that everyone can see how I paint miniatures....

Anyway, welcome to my workshop. Here's I will show how I convert, sculpt, paint miniatures from 'above table quality' standard to 'display quality standard'. It is also my journey to become better miniatures painter and since that I'm doing it full time at home by receiving commission work. And its been about 2.5 years already. Time really past very very fast. Well, I just let you guys see my previous work of Eldar Farseer which I've painted quite some times ago and it still one of my farvourite. For large pictures:

There will be more coming. Enjoy...