Sunday, May 31, 2009

Advise: Free-Hand Painting

Many painters are wondering how to do free-hand painting... The 1st question is to ask yourself:

1) What type of painter are you?? (Clean & tidy, dirty, free-hand...)

Some people are very good at weathering; some realistic; some here some there.... Everybody have their own style. Discovering what type of painter you are is very very important! Once you discover your gift, then keep practice on it to sharpen your skill.

*Don't try to be other painter, be your own painter - yourself!!! Or else who will be like you??*

For me, I'm a clean & tidy. I am specialize in free-hand. You can check out my gallery at Coolminiornot. I don't know how to do weathering on clothes/armor. No matter how I do it, it just doesn't look good.

To do free-hand, you must have a very good & sharp point brush. I would recommend you Rosemary Pure Kolinsky Sable Series 22 coz it has longer hair and always very sharp. Check out:

Well, I can't find much painters teaching free-hand. So I will post here... Stay tune as more free-hand tutorial. If you have any question, just email me.

Good luck!!

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  1. I love sharp point brush. I haven't experience painting yet.