Saturday, December 20, 2014

Free-hand Theory (Part 1): Identifying Types of Freehand

Identifying the type of free-hand painting that suit you is important for your future development. Through out my passed experience, a Golden Demon winner painter once told me these:

 "Be the type of painter you are, don't be like me. Take my work as references, paint and improve in your own styles."

So from here onwards, I've compiled few tips and named the types. 
(Tips) Fine art and Chinese Calligraphy is an added advantage. You can find video in YouTube for extra info. Here I found one for you. 

After you watch it, you will have ideas on painting free-hand any 40K/WHF icons/runes. 

Monday, December 1, 2014

Eldar Pirate Warwalker Squad

Another commission work for my client and this time was another challenging one. Same with previous Dark Eldar Warrior@Eldar Dire Avenger, my client wanted the Eldar Warwalker to be in Dark Eldar pirate style with freehand tattoo pattern. It took me awhile to came up an altered design from GW original decal. If you dig out your decal, you will find below picture.

After alteration, here's the finished work. I didn't glued the cockpit so that its easy to take photograph.