Saturday, December 20, 2014

Free-hand Theory (Part 1): Identifying Types of Freehand

Identifying the type of free-hand painting that suit you is important for your future development. Through out my passed experience, a Golden Demon winner painter once told me these:

 "Be the type of painter you are, don't be like me. Take my work as references, paint and improve in your own styles."

So from here onwards, I've compiled few tips and named the types. 
(Tips) Fine art and Chinese Calligraphy is an added advantage. You can find video in YouTube for extra info. Here I found one for you. 

After you watch it, you will have ideas on painting free-hand any 40K/WHF icons/runes. 

(Type 1 Basic technique- Dots Connecting)

Above picture are from article in White Dwarf 362

For beginner, you can start off with this as it is very easy. It is very simple to apply this technique. If you made mistakes, you can touch it up later on. Refer back to my article here

(Type 2 Intermediate technique - Outlining)
Above picture are from article in White Dwarf

Next is outlining. This technique is use by pro free hand painter. It just depending on difficulty of designs. Some people use pencil to draw the outline on the miniatures 1st before filling up with paints. 

 (Type 3 Advance technique - Straight Paint) 
Above picture are from article by Neil Green in White Dwarf 332

Personally, I only use this technique. It is totally none from Type 1 and 2. Its straight forward paint with only by looking at a drafted design on a piece of paper. It is not easy unless you are very good with fine art or Chinese Calligraphy as shown on YouTube video above. You may need to use your 'mind eye' to copy the image from paper.  I will post a more detail tutorial with illustrations for 'mind eye' topic in the future. 

There you go... After identifying which type of free hand painter you are, you will still need to put in a lot of hard work. As people always says "practice makes perfect". Try it by painting 10 space marine should pad icon and see what happen after that. 

Again don't worry about the mistakes, you can touch up along the way. Just refer back to my article here

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