Monday, November 17, 2014

Free-hand Tutorial: Dark Eldar Tattoo Pattern

Well, many people asked me how to paint this tattoo pattern. It actually quite easy. You need to have a very sharp tip Kolinsky Saber brush. I came up with the step-by-step for 3 types of patterns following GW.

Here it goes.....


Step 1: Let say the background is black as follow the Dark Eldar black armor. You start off with painting a strip of Hawk Turquoise.

Step 2 : Trim the arrow head with Black.

Step 3 : Paint the design with Black as well. Don't worry about not sharp or even paint off the edge, you can touch up later.

Step 4 : Touch up all edge and trim it with Black.

Step 5 : Final trim. Now you have your nicely and simple painted tattoo pattern.


Repeat the same step as above, you can paint a different type


As for the one is quite common. I believe many Eldar Craftworld Ulthwe gamers already knows how to do it. Anyway, I just show it for those who still trying to figure it out.

Well, now you have the idea to do it instead of cracking your head on how people painted a very nice freehand designs. The trick is always the trimming touch up. And after that you can put your magic into it such as NMM or even TMM. Don't worry about can't get it nicely done on first try. Practice make perfect.

Do comment my post on any more freehand tutorial that you would like to see.

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