Sunday, September 20, 2015

Fire Born (Part 2): Space Marine Salamanders Command Squad

With previous Salamanders Honour Guards I've done, I'm inspired to experiment and paint more. And this time is the command squad. Plus, this was my 3rd time testing out my airbrush. Here's thy are....

Using my own pre-mold reptile skin to give them more character. I didn't give them the skin cloak as that was reserved for high ranking personal.

 For the champion, I've painted flaming sword and Deathwatch shoulder pad as he is part of it.   

For this guy I gave him more detail on the flamer (gold trim design) as if his own crafted weapon. 

All members except champion have the flame mark on helmet. For the banner, I kept it simple by using mixed decal and freehand. Check out the tutorial here.

There goes my command squad. Hope you all like it. 

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  1. very nice paintting, thats really a fantastic art work!