Monday, August 3, 2015

Children of Asuryan (Part 2): Revenant of Khaine

For the first time, I have painted a different kingdom's spearmen. As I'm inspired from this famous regiment...

From GW High Elves Uniforms & Heraldry book


I've scanned, editted, and printed my own decal for the this regiment icon. I'm quite happy with the result even though not perfect and need a bit of touch up. 

To my view on this famous regiment, I wanted them to be really stand out from the rest of the High Elves unit. And even in gaming vise they can really fight, so I assembled them with both bow and spear (since they are from kingdom of Nagarythe like Shadow Warriors). In rule vise can use state of Lothern Seaguard but the models gives a different flavor. 

The part I used for the champion and standard bearer to make it looks kick ass... 

Head: White Lion bitz
Sword arm : Phoenix guard bitz
Shield arm : Silver helm bitz
Accessory : Phoenix guard and mage bitz

Standard Bearer
Pointy arm : Phoenix guard bitz
Banner arm : Phoenix guard bitz
Banner icon : Spearmen bitz
Sword in scabbard : Silver helm bitz
Banner : Green stuff


Hope you all like it and gives you the inspiration. Enjoy..... 

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  1. Lovely looking minis - strong colour scheme. I'm excited to see stylistically what direction Aelves take in Age of Sigmar