Monday, September 21, 2009

High Elf Mage

Hey guys... Here's another mini I've done back in Apr but don't have camera to take photos of it and was delayed. This is my 1st time done a miniature on a wood plinth. It really took me a hard time of a whole Apr month to finish it coz I'm testing on glazing "juice" technique. The end result was a satisfaction to me.

I want to achieve an atmosphere of the surrounding rocks float to the air when the mage casting a powerful spell. So here I used few High Elf bitz for the base and sculpted floating rocks beside the mage. I also sculpted the fire burst out from the ground (notice the small rocks on the fire??) when the mage swing the flaming sword.

As for the painting side, I free-hand painted the phoenix on the back cloak and also flaming designs on the collar; inner cloak with different color stars. The gold are non-metallic metal. I'm still thinking whether want to sell it or not... Hehe...

Anyway enjoy...

For more different angle of this minis, click here:

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  1. Great work!

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