Monday, October 12, 2009

Journey Towards Tzeentch (part 2): Rhino

Sorry for the slow update again. Since my wife being busy with her work, I just have to do all the photos editing myself. The problem is that I'm a noob with GIMP & Photoshop software. No matter how many times I learned it, it still can't get into my head. Well, this kind of stuff is just not for me. The obliterators already finished but still I felt that there still need to be improve. Will post it when it is 100% done.

Anyway, here's the 2nd Thousand Sons rhino I've done.

I've painted a script of sealing rune on both side of the vehicle. Instead of using the same Chaos runes, I went for my own style. I just simply moved my brush here and there, it came out naturally with some form of wording. Well, at least it closely matched the Chaos runes. I will post a tutorial for this in future.

All design here are free-hand painted and a bit different from the 1st rhino. My friends thought I used stickers!!!

My client requested that he want this vehicle to be design as "captured Space Wolves rhino"... As like the Thousand Sons Sorcerer cast a sealing spell on the vehicle and seal off the driver within to serve his will. My client also requested that the sealing rune design to be a bit like ninja manga boy sealing rune but in WH40K Chaos pattern. If you look closely, you might be able to guess who is this 'ninja manga boy'... Hehehe...


  1. So, how long does this took you?

  2. U mean photo editing or painting? Painting took 1 week pass a bit while editing took me 2 week plus...

  3. *drool*! This is seriously good!! I really like the writings and Egyptian feeling that you've captured here. Simply excellent mate.

  4. The "scraped off" wolf icon is very well done - great job!

  5. wild guess : "Naruto?!?" :P

    Great job m8! Terrific freehand!!

  6. Thanks guy for your appreciation!!!

    Milhalis - Good guess. Hahaha... It is from Naruto!!! I've changed it into Chaos style.