Monday, September 7, 2009

Offered Opportunity...

Recently there was a rare opportunity in my life of painting. Philydorf, a free-lance miniatures' base maker from Greece offered me to use my painted miniatures (in master/display class) on his bases. He sent me 3x 60mm bases and the it was made in resin. The quality and the sculpted work is truly amazing. It really capture the Greece mythic goddess... You can see for yourselves.

Check out Philydorf gallery on Coolmini for more bases:

Well now I have to find a suitable miniatures for it. My promise to Philydorf is to bring out the awesomeness of this base on my miniatures. Definately will not let him down. Maybe you guys can give your opinion of what GW miniatures are best suited for it. Cheerssss...


  1. Ooo... those are nice. I already know a player or three I'll be sending his way.

    As to what might work well for them? Eldar is my first thought, but I admit a bias there. Being round bases, I don't favor Fantasy but could see Tomb Kings (Ushabti!), Lizardmen or Dark Elves. For other 40K, there's also Slaaneshi (Emperor's Children Daemon Prince?), Sisters, or maybe Necron.

    Are you going to do all three in the same fashion and model? It might be neat to do each one with a different coloration and model to accent different features... Cheers and looking forward to seeing the results!

  2. Currently my chosen miniatures are Eldar Farseer, Thousand Sons Sorcerer, and High Elf Wizard. But still not yet confirm.

  3. Waw *speechless, those are nice.

  4. put Tactical Dread Armoured marines would be nice as well, oh yeah check out Gav Thorpes' blog. He has a 'point', haha!~! Cheerz bro!