Monday, March 23, 2015

Fire Born (Part 1): Space Marine Salamanders Honour Guards

I always like to create something new/different, something that nobody has done before such as my Thousand Sons Sorcerer Dreadnought and Thousand Sons Obliterator. And I sell it to make some extra income for my family.

As always I searched through my own black library(collections of white dwarf mags and codexes).... This time I bumped into the Salamanders chapters and I found the Honour Guards very interesting. As at to date, I still can't find a decent converted Honour Guards with Salamanders theme. I've searched through the net and found nothing comes near it. Correct me if I'm wrong.

So I decided to do it. It took me awhile to collect enough infos and also parts for it. With my own pre-mold reptile skin, I've completed this:

My initial plan was to arm them all with thunder hammer. If no, at least Chapter Champion would have it but I don't have any of it and not even my friends. Duhh..... Even if I want to, I still can't find a small hammer to treat as close combat weapon for the Chapter Champion. So I have to scrap all of it and glued up with what I have in hand. For the relic weapon, I don't have relic sword.... so I went for relic axe instead.

Here's the finished painted result:

You can view it on Coolmini here. Vote for me please... 

All the shoulder marking are decals; I freehand painted the flame into the skull mark to represent Firedrake.

For the chapter banner, I can't find any except for 5th company banner. So I had no choice but to design my own version that represent Chapter Master Tu'Shan deed but don't know any of his deed unlike Marneus Calgar's. So I just modified from the 5th company banner and then freehand painted it on. I will post the tutorial very soon. Stay tuned! I assure you won't be disappointed! 

Hope everyone like my version of Salamanders Honour Guards!! Its available for sell on Ebay here.


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