Monday, January 19, 2015

Pre-Mold Reptile Skin

Here's the first goodies for year 2015. After a lot work and testing, I've made my own pre-molded reptile skin. For those who are interested to get a hand on it, you may contact me. I will also make available on Ebay which it will comes in a set.

 2nd batch molded for testing

After taking a long research browsing thru the internet (blogs, miniatures forum...) for Space Marine Honor Guards, none specially converted for other chapters apart from Ultramarine. Even to decorate or convert to any specific chapters, the only way is kit bash (e.g. Dark Eldar corsair cloak for Salamander marine, Space Wolves fur cloak for White Scars and Chaos Marine......). Those cool one only converted for 1 models and hardly for whole army.

Here I present you my version of Salamander Honor Guard. I believe its the 1 and only in the world, just like I've done the 1st Psyker Dreadnought here

At first I was ambitious to make something more awesome rather than the cloak. But I hold myself down just to get used to molding more cape, loincloth and shoulder cloth. And by giving more testing, it came out the way I wanted it. Instead of using resin, I went for modelling putty because of the flexibility and thinness of it.

There will be more types coming. So I hope you like it and enjoy....

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