Saturday, September 13, 2014

Dark Eldar Urien Rakarth

To break out from Space Marine a bit, this was a commission work done for my client from Australia (who commissioned me for the Crimson Fist) and finished last year 2013. It took me 3 months to finish due to my situation of fatherhood. I managed to squeeze only 1.5 hour to paint each day while my son sleeping.

I love this model very very much because it really tested my skills of painting flesh tone. You can see in the close-up picture.

For the back bone, I don't want to go for white as follow GW. I wanted it to be stretched out from within the flesh.

As for the base, I sculpted an extra worm just because I had extra putty left after filled up all gaps. And I went for wet muddy bases. Its illogical be in dry soil for worms to move around.

For the robe, I wanted it to be more realistic and to weather down a bit with dirty mud just to match muddy base. But my client prefer it to be near GW one. So I just simply done with few scratches.

The end result was very pleasing to me. Hope you like it. Enjoy...

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