Thursday, September 11, 2014

Cypher - Fallen Angel

Its truly been a long long long.....time I haven't posted any new picture of my work. Since 2010, life has been extremely awesome for me. I hardly painted any model at all with my coming 2 years old baby boy clinging on me. But at least got a few.....

I know many who had followed my blog was long time ago eagerly waited for my sneak peak of Fallen Angel. Unfortunately it was never posted. Apologize for such a long patience. And let's cut the chase!!!

I present to you my version of custom converted Cypher, Fallen Angel!! This model won a Gold for Single Miniature 2010 on local painting competition organized by Legio Malaysia.

How I done it?? Here's the cheese:
1) Hood & Cloak - Custom scuplted
2) Chest skeleton - Custom sculpted
3) Knee pad skull - Custom sculpted
4) Chain belt - Custom sculpted
5) Back pack - Wing (Plastic card), Skeleton (Custom sculpted)
6) Lion sword - Old Chaos warrior bitz, Lion Insignia & Chain (Custom sculpted)

*Majority are just kit bash.

Well, I hope you like it. Enjoy while I editing few more previous work pictures to be posted.


(This model is up for sell if anybody interested to buy it. Just pm me.)


  1. Hey! Nice to see you back. I knew it was worth hoping ;)
    That Cypher looks great, as usual, your sculpts are ace. The paintjob ist nice and grim, just like I like my Dark Angels. Hope to see some more Thousand Sons, they were the reason I still stalked your blog!

  2. Thanks Aasfresser for the stalk. Hehe... My wife encourages me to post something up and create new unique models. I haven't really look into any 40K stuff for quite awhile. Now just need to dig more info 1st to create another Thousand Sons model.