Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Free-hand Tutorial: Space Marine Salamanders Banner (Advance)

Hi everyone... after the completed Space Marine Honour Guard project, here's my step-by-step tutorial on how I've painted this banner.

Now let's pick up your fine brush and begin!!!

First thing first, always come up a design and sketch it out on a piece of paper as your reference. Above is my sketch. I modified from GW version. 

Reddish Background

Undercoat the banner with black. I've painted half of the banner with GW OOP paint 'Scab Red'.

To make the black background join with red like a smooth blend, I watered down the black paint and gave a thin glaze onto the Scab Red and black layer line. 

Next I painted layers with GW OOP paint 'Red Gore + Blood Red' until it solid. Again added 1 drop of Blood Red into the mixed, repeated the same process. 

Same as to join the Scab Red background, I watered down my 1st Red Gore + Blood Red mixed and gave a thin glaze between the layer line.

The Hammer

Step 1: Mixed Vallejo Dark Grey + Vallejo Neutral Grey (1:2), I used 'straight paint' technique to paint the hammer. You can use other technique as well. Check here.

Step 2: Using black paint, I painted the lines into the hammer.

Step 3: I wanted to paint a non-metal metal@NMM hammer but yet not so because its an embroidery banner.

Using thin down black paint (1 black:6 water), I glazed the shaded the darker area. You may need to paint few layers.

For highlight I mixed Vallejo Neutral Grey and Vallejo White (1:1) thin down with water (6:1) as above. Assuming light direct from above 12 o'clock, I glazed on raise area. After that I added a tip of Vallejo White into the mixed and gave additional highlight.

As for final extreme highlight I used just Vallejo White. I painted area that truly will reflect light.

The Flame

Step 1-2: Using GW OOP paint 'Iyanden Darksun', I outlined the flame and then filled up the flame with Iyanden Darksun to give it a solid foundation.

* Don't worry if its doesn't look nice, just paint extra to shape it until you want it.

Step 3: To paint the base color, I used GW OOP 'Golden Yellow'. I painted few layer to make sure its solid.

Then I added 1 drop of Vallejo White into the mixed. Follow the banner folding, I highlighted the raise part and also the outline of flame.

The Volcanoes

Step 1-2: I outlined the volcanoes with black and then filled it up. Then I simply painted the splintered rocks. For the lava, I mixed my own orange red as I don't have one.

The Ribbon

Step 1-2: I outlined the ribbon with GW OOP paint 'Dheneb Stone' and then filled it up. After that, I used GW OOP paint 'Khaki'. I also painted the small parchment on the banner's tail with same color.

Step 3: For shading, I used water down GW OOP paint 'Graveyard Earth'. Then I use GW OOP paint 'Bleach Bone' + Vallejo White (1:1) and painted the line highlight on the edge.

Now to make it look as if folded effect, I painted a line of black between the front and back ribbon. And also I touched up and sharpen whichever edges that doesn't look nice.  As I still have leftover black, I simply painted the wording on the small parchment.

The Chapter's Name

Now this is the HARDEST task!! You will really need a steady hand and a very good quality Kolinsky Sable brush. For me, I used Rosemary Kolinsky Sable Series 22 size 1. Let's do it!!!

First thing first, you need to identify the center line of your banner and also the wording. Always count the number of words.... The 'SALAMANDERS' have 11 words and the center word is between M and N, so it 'A'

 Once done you will need to look into your banner, make an imaginary line with your eyes.

Now you can start writing the words!!! Don't worry about not perfect. You can always touch up with background color. Refer to my previous article here

The Finishing

For the final, I've painted the Salamanders icon (Refer my tutorial here). If you don't want the hustle, just use decals. For the round yellow ring, I used the same color as the flame.

Viola!!! Now you can do it!!!



  1. Lovely! Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. I am actually working on writing up my own tutorial for my Mentor Legion when I came across yours here. Great work on the banner and the tutorial is really well done - wish I had seen it before starting on my banner!

    1. Hahaha.... Well, you can now paint more of your Mentor Legion's banner.