Thursday, November 26, 2015

Free-hand Tutorial: Space Marine Salamanders Company Banner (Intermediate)

With the long wait of this tutorial for my previous work of Space Marine Salamander Command Sq's Banner, here there are...

Before I begin, please take a closing look on the simple banner I've done. Take a good look and try to decipher on how its was done.

Have you figure it out?? Now here's the cheese......

These was fully airbrush with GW paint Yriel Yellow and then GW OOP paint Blood Red. If you do not have an airbrush, you can paint it with brush. Refer to my previous tutorial here

Yellow Ring
To get it done faster, I used GW vehicle Crimson Fist icon decal. Cut out the red fist icon and slide the red ring decal onto the banner. Once dried, repaint it with GW paint Yriel Yellow and highlight it with added white.

Salamander Icon
For these I used GW Salamander icon decal just to make it simple and easy. If you want to go for free hand, refer to my previous tutorial here

Now the laurel will be a little bit hard. But no worries, just follow my step-by-step and you can get it done easily.

Step 1: Paint 3 straight strain with OOP GW Snot Green mix a bit OOP GW Dark Angel Green

Step 2: Paint the leaf. Follow the red arrow for the brush stroke. Start will thin down and press. 

Step 3: Paint the second leaf using step 2 technique.

Step 4-6: Continue on with more leaf until you have reach the mid section of the yellow ring.

Step 7-8: Paint a round knot and then 3 more leaf above it. 

Step 9: For final will be the highlight which I used OOP GW Scorpion Green. Assuming line traveling down from above, just paint the outline. And its done!!

The Ribbon
For this you can refer to my previous tutorial here.

Using a very light grey, draw a cross. After that give it a small white dot the at center of the cross.

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