Thursday, June 11, 2015

Children of Asuryan (Part 1)

Recently I have been painting many High Elves after I got copy of the Uniforms & Heraldry book. Its truly worth the price. The information inside truly inspire me. So instead of following GW's color scheme which is Lothern, I always wanted to see other kingdoms color i.e. Corthique, Eathine, Tiranoc, Yvresse....

Here's a few that I've painted.

Lorthen Prince on Griffon
 Lothern Seaguard

Lothern Ellyrion Reaver
(Ellyrion color should be magenta and dark blue)

Saphery Spearmen
Saphery Swordmaster


 Shrine of Asuryan Phoenix Guard
 (GW version is Lothern blueish color)
Chrace White Lions
(GW version is Lothern blueish color)

As at to date, the most tedious to paint among all the above are Island of Blood Lothern Seaguard and White Lion of Chrace. It has too many bling-bling.... Each white lion model alone has 15-18 gemstones!!! While the hardest to position is Phoenix Guard, the cloak keep blocking other models. 

But in the end still a very nice and beautiful model..... there will be more to come. 

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